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Anonymous asked: hello! I just saw your psoriasis post and it really made me smile. I had a horrible flare up of psoriasis a couple years ago and have never actually met anyone who has also had it, so just wanted to say that your post was lovely and made my day :)

Aw! I’m glad that I could make you smile :) <3
My psoriasis hasn’t been this bad in YEARS and it’s been bringing me down a lot lately. A few years ago, it cleared up completely after I started tanning but it’s hard to pay for a tanning membership regularly. I think this time it flared up due to stress related issues, but I’m trying to deal with it in the best way possible! Hang in there, and embrace your spots if you still have em! <3

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ugh bella, you&#8217;re gorgeous &lt;3
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MONARCH BUTTERFLY (by Mario Vazquez)
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theamazingaidan asked: Hey so I don't have psoriasis but I have something that used to do that to my arms and I just thought what you did was pretty cool. B)

Thank you <33
If I’m gonna have spots, I might as well make ‘em look cute right? :p

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Tumblr Themes I was sick of feeling so insecure about my recent psoriasis flare-up. So for the first time, instead of hiding and hating my own skin, I decided to embrace my flaws and wear my spots with pride. Turning my spots into leopard print with a little artwork.
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If you think you’re having a bad day, just remember some guy camped outside the apple store in Perth for several hours just to get the new iphone and then accidentally dropped it on the concrete on a live tv interview. 

I’m seriously crying right now omgibndj